Tour de Yorkshire 2020

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Welcome to your Tour Maker registration form. This registration form is where you tell us about your personal information, your skills and experience, followed by your available dates and role preference. This form will take approx 6-8 minutes to complete. After completing your registration form you'll be directed to your own Tour Maker portal where you can access updates from us and amend any details on your profile should you wish to. Mandatory questions are indicated with a * throughout. 

If you already have a Rosterfy account from your Tour de Yorkshire / UCI Road World Championships roles in 2019 please click here

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Please upload a photo of yourself similar to your passport photo. Photo should have a white or light colored background. You should be the only person in the photo with full view of face and open eyes. No hat or sunglasses. Regular glasses are okay. This should not be a 'selfie'. Once uploaded, you are able to crop your photo before you save. Photo must be less than 4MB in size and in JPG/JPEG format. This step is not mandatory to complete the application as you can always upload your photo at a later time
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Additional Info

Tell us more about you...

This section of the form will help us to allocate your preferred role, so please answer all questions as fully as possible.
Q1 - Have you previously volunteered at the Tour de Yorkshire, or the UCI Road World Championships 2019? *
UCI Road World Championships 2019
I haven't previously volunteered
Q1a - Which role(s) have you previously held at the Tour de Yorkshire?
I haven't previously volunteered at the Tour de Yorkshire
Flag and Whistle Marshal
Spectator Engagement
Supervisor (inc Deputy)
Q1b - Which role(s) have you previously held at the UCI Road World Championships 2019? *
I did not volunteer at the UCI Road World Championships 2019
Championship Hosts (inc. Starts/ Finish Town Sports Team, Spectator Engagement)
Championship Hub (inc. Volunteer or Accreditation Centre, Media Ops, Hospitality, Tech Support, Sports Presentation, Merchandise, Services, Branding)
Route Marshals (inc. Supervisors, F&W Marshals, Junction Supervisors, Spectator Engagement)
Sports, Race and Logistics (inc. Anti-Doping Chaperones, Medical Services, Economic Impact, Timing and Results, Para-Cycling International)
Transport (inc. Fleet Team Drivers, Drivers/ Shuttles)
Q2 - Have you volunteered at any other major sporting events? *
Q3 - Are you a member of a cycling club? *

Skills and Abilities

What you tell us here will help us identify a suitable role for each volunteer. Please select ALL that apply to you.

Personal Skills and Abilities

Great people skills
Team player
Ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations
Adaptable and flexible to work on multiple tasks
Knowledge of Yorkshire
Ability to stand outside for long periods of time

Specific Skills and Abilities

Leadership experience
Event organisation
Customer service and/or dealing with the public
Foreign language and/or translation skills
IT/computing and/or qualified technician
Media relations and/or communications
Manual handling
Confident driver with clean driving license
Professional driving experience
Knowledge of road race cycling, including any officiating, volunteering or coaching

Medical qualifications

There are some roles that require basic first aid and/or medical qualifications i.e. Doping Chaperone. More information about these roles will be provided when you let us know your role preference choices.
Are you a qualified First Aider that has passed within the last 3 years? *
Are you a registered medical practitioner - doctor, nurse, physio, healthcare assistant or other? *
If other, please state

Foreign language translation and interpretation

Are you fluent in any other languages? Please select all that apply. *
No, I cannot speak any additional language(s)
If other, please state
Do you hold any official interpretation or translation qualifications? *

Event Application

This is where you tell us your role preference and availability.

Tour de Yorkshire Role Preference - Route Marshals

Please select your role preferences below. Please refer to the Tour Maker FAQ page on the Tour de Yorkshire website for role descriptions. If you're only interested in one role please select the same role twice. We'll try our best to match you with a role you've picked but we can't guarantee this.
Role_preference 1 *
Role_preference 2 *

Tour de Yorkshire Role Preference - New Roles for 2020

There are a limited number of new Tour Maker roles for 2020. Please refer to the Tour Maker FAQ page on the Tour de Yorkshire website for role descriptions. If you'd like to be considered for one of these roles please select your preference below.
Role preference 1 *

Tour de Yorkshire Stage and Location Preference

Please note if you are available for Stage 2 and/or Stage 3, volunteering hours will be longer due to both women's racing AND men's racing taking place.
Wednesday 29th April - Pre-event roles *
Thursday 30th April - Stage 1 - Beverley to Redcar *
Friday 1st May - Stage 2 - Skipton to Leyburn *
Saturday 2nd May - Stage 3 - Barnsley to Huddersfield *
Sunday 3rd May - Stage 4 - Halifax to Leeds *
Monday 4th May - Post-event roles *

Tour de Yorkshire uniform requirements

Please select your general uniform size *

Any additional information

Please let us know of any additional information you'd like us to be aware of of to support your application
Any additional information

Eligibility to volunteer

We ask that each volunteer can speak and read English, but this doesn't have to be your first language, OR that you can communicate in standard British Sign Language. If you are a UK citizen, a EU citizen, or a international citizen and can enter the UK you are eligible to volunteer. We will accept applications from around the world but we will not be providing any travel, food or accommodation expenses.
I am a: *
Can you communicate fully and confidently in English? *
Can you communicate in standard British Sign Language? *

Equal opportunities

We are committed to ensure everyone has equal access to volunteer with us. The information you disclose to us will be treated with confidentiality, and anything you do share with us will help us to allocate the best role for you.
Do you consider yourself to have a disability? *
Do you have anything specific we need to take into consideration when we assign roles i.e. health conditions, access? *
Please select your Ethnicity. Please note this will not affect your application in any way *

DBS Checks & Criminal Convictions

Having a criminal conviction doesn’t mean that you can’t volunteer with us, we’ll need to consider the role you are given after we have reviewed your application, conviction and background of the offences. We also hold the right to conduct DBS checks on volunteers but you will be informed before this is carried out.
Have you ever been convicted or found guilty by a Court for any offence in any country (excluding parking but not motoring offences, even when a spot fine has been administered by the Police). You must declare this if you have selected one of your skills as driving. *
Have you ever received a Community Payback Order (formerly known as Community Service Orders, Probation Orders and Supervised Attendance Orders)? *

Data Protection

Should you be successful in your application...
Are you happy for your contact details to be shared with your supervisor of your allocated area? *
Are you happy for your contact details to be shared with other tour makers in your role/location group? *
Are you happy for your contact details to be shared with third party Tour de Yorkshire event organiser partners including Regional Police Forces and St Johns Ambulance? *
Are you happy to appear on imagery and film footage? *

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